Vestibular system Tau

Complete TAU Vestibulator with all accesorizes

  • Reference: 60101


Tau is a very secure vestibular therapy set, with all the advantages of a ceiling suspension system added to a large assembly facility, without worrying about looking a suitable point for installing it or the costs that it will entail.
It is a resource that provides full security, appropriate to a wide range of vestibules, neurological development and sensory integration therapy.
Its robustness allows for the joint activity of two people, despite both being adults of a certain size. Hold 300 kg with absolute safety.
The structure incorporates a 360º rotation system that facilitates smooth rotating and simultaneously obtaining vertical stimulation and rotation. The mechanisms it includes allow for a easy and quickly adjustment of the height of any of its accessories to find the right position, stabilizing and facilitating a whole series of swing movements.

It is composed by a structure, flexidisk ("inverse mushroom"), prono net, platform, swing cylinder, folding mattress, and a complete set of strings and projection mechanisms.

It occupies an area of 300x200 cm and its height is 218 cm.

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