Protac Granulate Blanket™ Flexible 140x200cm 3,5kg

Sensorial blanket filled with polypropylene granulate and plastic balls.
The filling is divided into 80 compartments, allowing it to be equally distributed in the whole blanket. In this way, the filling closely surrounds the body and has an enveloping effect. This blanket is suitable for people who need a mild and caring sensory stimulation to be able to sense themselves and find calm.

Ideal for people with anxiety and dementia

  • Reference: 53145


The blanket has two zippers, which makes it easy to divide the blanket and wash the parts seperately in a regular washing machine. This feature also makes it possible to use one part of the blanket as a knee blanket for napping during the day.
The blanket also has buttonholes, which makes it easy to place and secure it in the anti-incontinence cover.

  • GRANULATE FLEXIBLE. Filled with plastic balls and polypropylene granulate arranged in removable ball compartments
  • CE certificate in accordance with Class I Medical Devices
  • 100% cotton
  • Weight: 3,5 kg

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