Multisensory trolley Optima II MAX

Optima Multisensory Equipment MAX

  • Reference: 00251


If you don't want to give up anything, Optima II MAX is your trolley. Despite being a very complete piece of equipment, it can be expanded if you deem it appropriate. With the Optima II MAX you will have:

  • a solid wooden piece of furniture, with folding mirrors and a locked back door
  • four wheels with brakes
  • electric multiconnections with only one external plug
  • Bose® S1 sound equipment (with XLR connections, jack 3.5mm socket and bluetooth)
  • aroma diffuser and a 10ml bottle of essential oil
  • laser projector
  • an harness of optical fibers (also sensitive to black light) with an interactive light source
  • a Solar 100LED projector, with variable speed rotor and two effects discs (1 liquid)
  • cyclonic column (without water, effect comparable to bubble columns)
  • two wireless receivers to control column and fiber optics at the user level from an iPad®
  • a LED blacklight and a fluorescent item
  • a tactile item
  • one remote control and four on/off receivers for electrical devices

Protac SenSit® is sold separately.

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